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1ply Glue Film is normal tinted film. It has 1 layer tinted and 1 liner. Film produced using by normal Ink. This consider very low quality window film. This film fade very faster. This window film can use for one time only. 1ply Glue Film normally use for car and other vehicle. It can block Sun Light but can not reduce heat and UV (Ultraviolet)
Application: Mainly for Automotive. Also suitable for Commercial and Residential Automotive Car Windows / Bedroom / Balcony / Kitchen / Office / Meeting Rooms / Sliding door / Warehouse / Bathroom toilet and other smooth surface etc
Features: 1ply biasa tinted films consist mainly of just one layer of polyester which makes the film cheap and cheerful.
Blocks harmful UV rays
Protects interior
Blocks heat
Enhances appearance
Reduces glare