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When we hear the term window film or window tint, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is for car windows only, but is it just for cars? The answer is: No.

Window film are suitable not just for automotive cars, but also residential homes and commercial buildings. In this article, we will be sharing the fundamentals about window films. What are window films? Are they necessary and important? What are the benefits?

What Are Window Films?

Window film / tint is a sheet of specially treated polyester laminate designed to enhance the performance of regular windows. One side of the sheet has an adhesive and the other has a scratch-resistant coating. There are many types of window films catered to different purposes. It depends on an individual’s preference, concerns or intend.

Are They Necessary And Important?

In our opinion, the answer is: Yes. To many people, window films are a good-to-have but we personally think window films are mandatory especially if you are living in a hot and humid country. Sun damaging from UV rays is not instant and we cannot see it immediately but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. In the long run, there are negative effects such as eye damage, skin cancer, furniture fading etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Window Film / Tint?

Different window films provide different benefits. It all depends what the individual is looking for. All homes have windows and glass. Unfortunately, they are poor insulators and they do not entirely provide strong protection against burglaries, uv rays, heat and privacy. These are six main benefits:

Provides Security

Security is what most customers are looking for. Accidents are inevitable and we feel safer when we know that we are constantly protected, no matter where we are. Security window films will protect you when you’re in your car, home or office. Security films not only prevent glass shatters from burglaries, but also protection against natural disasters, vandalism, or accidental damage. Security window films are strong enough to withheld shattered glass from falling, hence prevent glass cuts and injuries.

Protection From Heat

The sun’s heat can be brutal and we all can totally relate. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in a room all cooped up with heat. Nobody likes a sauna room 24/7. Heat and UV rays penetrate through windows which will cause damage to furniture and upholstery, sun burns and even worst, eye cataracts in the long run.

Reduce Glare

The second benefit is to get rid of glare. Unfortunately, when the sun hits any glass surfaces, it causes refraction which can be pretty annoying eg: glare on the television and disruptive window views. Window films have the ability of reducing glare and provide ease to our eyes as it can be dangerous, especially when you are driving.

Prevent Fading

Fading due to harmful UV rays are not instant. It’s a gradual process. We like to call it: The Slow Death. The sun’s UV rays are on a constant mission to fade your interior furnishings. Fading happens when UV rays and visible light continually hit your leather couch or wood floors and it begins to break down the chemical bonds of dyes. Your furniture will eventually deteriorate.

Improve Aesthetics and Privacy

Besides all the technical benefits of window films, if clients are looking for something that can improve the aesthetics of their homes, decorative window films are the way to go. They come in all sorts of textures, colours and patterns. Clients can choose based on their individually and the look and feel of their homes. As for privacy, frosted films are recommended. It provides privacy without sacrificing the inflow of natural light with blinds or curtains. It is also more cost effective to have decorative and frosted films rather than opting for stained, privacy or etched glass as it can be very expensive. These films are cost effective and easy to maintain.

Lower energy costs

When heat enters your home, it’s all contained which causes your home to be too hot. When it gets too hot, it results in expensive utility bills for the homeowner. Having window films can help homeowners save up to 50% on energy costs by improving heat retention and provide solar heat rejection. Window films will help improve your car, home of office environment by keeping the heat out and keeping the cool air in.

Start Enquiring Today

Besides these six points, there are many other benefits of window films. In hot and humid countries, window films are not optional anymore. It is mandatory. With our ozone layer thinning, the heat has become unbearable. Damaging UV rays such as UVA, UVB and UVC are causing negative effects to not just our surroundings, but also to our health. Prevention is always better than cure. Protect yourself. Your family and your home by investing in window films. You will definitely see a difference.

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